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Star Wars Galore at the Library

As the month of May begins, we often jump straight into preparing for Mother’s Day (May 9th), or perhaps Cinco de Mayo (May 5th, as always), but there’s another commemorative day that shouldn’t be overlooked…Star Wars Day on May 4th! May the Fourth be with you!

The day celebrates George Lucas’s Star Wars franchise – not because the 4th of May marks the debut of the first film or anything, but simply as a pun on the phrase “May the Force be with you”, which is often repeated in the films. Star Wars Day originated through grassroots fandom (and was eventually adopted by Lucasfilm and Disney), but it’s interesting to note that the first recorded reference to “May the Fourth” was on May 4th, 1979, when the Tories took out a newspaper ad congratulating Margaret Thatcher on becoming the first woman Prime Minister of the U.K.: “May the Fourth be with you, Maggie!”.

That’s just one example of the truly significant impact the Star Wars franchise has had on pop culture since 1977 – one of many! After all, who doesn’t know the line “Luke, I am your father” (even though hardcore fans will remind you that the actual quote was “No, I am your father”)? And in recent years, who among us doesn’t recognize the adorable face of Baby Yoda (even though fans will remind you that his actual name is Grogu). The beauty of the films are how they – especially the originals – were almost universally enjoyed by a wide spectrum of people.

Whether you’re a Star Wars Superfan or a casual admirer, there are plenty of Star Wars related materials at the library for you. Start by checking out the films – from the original trilogy to standalones like “Rogue One” – and enjoy your own movie marathon at home. Watch in chronological order, or by release date, the choice is yours! If you like to know what happens behind-the-scenes, you may like “The Art of Star Wars”, a series of books that chronicles the first steps in the development of each movie to the end stages, with a huge number of never-before-seen illustrations, storyboards, and more. If you have kids, try “Star Wars Maker Lab” by Liz Lee Heinecke, which is packed with scientific experiments inspired by the world of Star Wars. Jabba slime? Count me in! Our Children’s Department is even getting in on the fun, and will share a video on our YouTube channel on Tuesday showing you how to make Star Wars Wookie Cookies with the family! There are so many different books available through our consortium, from cookbooks to crochet patterns for various characters to trivia, so you can celebrate for more than just this one day.

by Cassie Skobrak, Reference Librarian