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Westerly Sun Column

April 22nd:

By Caroline Badowski, Reference Librarian
I’m drawing a blank on what to write about this week! When in doubt, talk about some new books that might be of interest. After all, everyone likes to hear about new things, right? Of course, it’s all relative because something that is of great interest to me most probably results in an eye roll from the next person. My advice to you is to come to the Westerly Library and peruse our new books, DVDs, and audiobooks on the first floor and decide for yourself! We are always putting new items into our collection and we highlight them on separate “New” shelving on our first floor.
Old Hollywood has always been an interest of mine. Karina Longworth, who produces a podcast I listen to “You must remember this”, recently wrote a book called “Seduction: sex, lies, and stardom in Howard Hughes’s Hollywood”. While there has been a kind of mythology surrounding Hollywood stars, especially in the first half of the twentieth century, this book exposes the exploitation of young actresses “whose faces and bodies Hughes strove to possess and/or make iconic, sometimes at an expense to their minds and souls.” 
If you’re looking for something lighter, try “Why don’t you write my eulogy now so I can correct it? : A mother’s suggestions” by Patricia Marx and illustrated by Roz Chast. I typically don’t like graphic novels, but sometimes, not to sound too dramatic, you have to move out of your comfort zone. Graphic novels are out of mine, but some of the motherly advice (and, yes, sometimes criticisms) are a real laugh. The advice includes "If your book club chooses Absalom, Absalom! that will be the end of your book club" and "Resist the temptation to buy clothes on your skinniest day." 
Have you recently found a new author you love? Did you just finish a book that was so good you didn’t want it to end? If you are interested in sharing these new finds and you are free this Wednesday, April 24th, at 6 pm, stop by the library for our Open Book Night! Open Book Night is a fun and casual opportunity to talk about what you love and hear about what other people are reading. It’s a great chance to meet fellow readers and to get recommendations for future reads so come by if you can!